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A Note from Ron Gari

The form and flow of hand lettering is pure magic.

Walking home from school, I used to observe old-timers hand letter trucks at a local sign shop. I watched as they exhibited masterful control of the brush with a smile on their face. I was hooked. I knew this was for me, to work in an industry where only true craftsmen and artists could participate.

Staying committed to that ideal, R. Gari Sign & Display has been built on a foundation that may be old school but never ceases to be relevant. Superior design matched with prime materials, methods, and service are the elements that help create lasting relationships with our clients.

From my days of hand lettering show cards for the movie theater I worked for as a teen, to my college years of studying fine art, to starting my own sign shop in my early twenties, and finally to building a business that services many varied industries, my love of hand lettering and the integrity of sign-making has never died.

Long live beautiful signs!

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